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Berry Dairy Days

Burlington's 76th annual Berry Days Festival is coming up June 13-16, a great time to kick off summer with some strawberry shortcake with berries from nearby fields and events such as the Berry Cool Car Show.

If you live south of Skagit County you may be worried about weekend traffic with the I-5 Bridge over the Skagit River not quite ready to reopen. Don't be. There are alternate routes that are much more scenic than the freeway, or you can just plan to spend a little longer than normal if you stay on the beaten path.

Check out these maps for getting around.

If you want to take a leisurely drive you have even more options.

To approach Burlington from the east, get off I-5 at exit 221 in Conway. Head east to Highway 9, then go north past Big Lake and Clear Lake to Highway 20. From the west, get off I-5 at exit 221 in Conway and drive across Fir Island and up to Highway 20.

Berry Dairy Days features a spectacular fireworks show, parades, the Kiwanis Salmon BBQ, entertainment stage with live music and more. Here's the schedule.